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Join us!

The Museum of Crafts supports a noble idea of building a hospice in Krosno.

If you wish to make a donation to the hospice you are welcome to do it
in the Tourist and Cultural Center /Rynek 5 st/

Auction in aid of the hospice

On Thursday, May 31st in the Piwnica PodCieniami Gallery a charity auction of works of art and artifacts took place. The auction was held to back up building of Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta Caritas Hospice in Krosno. The auction was organized by Krosno Hospice - Charity Association belonging to Caritas, which is run by the Reverend Marek Zarzyczny and the Museum of Crafts in Krosno. More than 50 people were attracted by that event, among them: President of Krosno Piotr Przytocki with his wife, President Bronisław Baran with wife, the former President of Krosno Roman Zimka with wife, Town Council Representatives, directors of cultural institutions, Krosno art collectors and local journalists.

Among the auctioned lots there were: art works by Krosno painters and sculptors, computer graphics, artistic glassworks, a work made of fabric sheet by Slovakian artists Anna Borsovska - Nemcova, Rafał Blechacz album with his autograph, a ball signed by 'Orły Kaziemierza Górskiego' /a group of former football players that used to belong to the Poland national football team/, a highland alpenstock from the 5th Podhale Rifles Brigade, 'Grunwald 2006' gauntlet belonging to Sigmund Pius - one of the members of Krosno knight's guilt and a pen that used to be owned by Marek Jurek, the Speaker of the Sejm.

The auction was conducted by Krosno sculptor Maciej Syrek. Almost all the lots were successfully auctioned. The proceeds of the auction, amounting to 7 000 PLN, were allotted to support the project of building the hospice.

Swiatlo z Podcieni - charity concert for the hospice

The Museum of Crafts in Krosno decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Piwnica PodCieniami Gallery by organizing a charity concert in aid of building Krosno Hospice.
On December 9th the guests gathered in Piwnica, President of Krosno Piotr Przytocki being one of them, had a chance to listen to a one - hour long concert performed by the 'Po 13 - tej' string quartet. At the same time they had an opportunity to support the idea of building the hospice. Every donation certificate was used as an ornamental chain link for a special Christmas tree. The making of the chain had been started by the students taking part in some learning activities that accompanied the exhibition Around the Christmas table - Christmas Eve traditions - one of the first displays presented in the Piwnica PodCieniami Gallery. The chain bearing the names of the students and benefactors will decorate the first Christmas tree in Krosno Hospice.

The proceeds, amounting to 580 PLN, were handed over to the Reverend Marek Zarzyczny - the head of the Krosno Hospice - Charity Association belonging to Caritas.

We encourage you to help us to make this chain of kind hearts longer by making a donation in aid of the building of the hospice.

The Krosno Hospice - Charity Association belonging to Caritas takes action in aid of building a stationary medical institution that would provide palliative care for terminally ill people. The hospice will be established in the building of a former Maternity Ward of the Podkarpacki Province Hospital in Krosno, where at the moment functions a special Caritas Care Unit /Stacja Opieki Caritas/ that provides at - home medical care for terminally ill patients.
More details are available on the hospice's web site: www.hospicjumkrosno.pl

Koło Hospicyjno - Charytatywne Caritas z siedzibą w Krośnie
Grodzka Streed, 45
skr. pocz. 36
38 - 400 Krosno
tel./fax.: +48-13 43 662 52

Name of Bank & Account Number:
PKO BP S.A. O/ Krosno
06 1020 2964 0000 6102 0043 1650