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The admission of apprentices into the craft

Since 2002, the Museum of Crafts in Krosno has been mounting a ceremony of the admission of apprentices into the craft, which is combined with celebrations of the craftsmen's day. According to the custom, it takes place on Saint Josef's Day /the Saint Patron of all craftsmen/, March 19th, in the registered office of the Chamber of Crafts and Small Business in Krosno. It is preceded by Mass celebrated in the Parish Church.

The ceremony is intended to revive the old handicraft tradition of serving an apprenticeship with a master, which can be traced back to medieval times. It is also designed to distinguish young people who have chosen to receive an education in vocational schools. Apart from craftsmen, students and teachers, the celebrations are attended by representatives of local government. Students, in the presence of the Guild's Master and other masters, standing next to the open chest take an oath and receive commemorative diplomas of admission into the craft, whereas each master is given the Student Code to be followed in their workshops. Young people celebrate this event by presenting their artistic craft skills to the public.