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Polish Photo Biennial Town and People


Ariusz Nawrocki, The Market Square, 2003

Polish Photo Biennial Town and People is a national competition open to professional artists as well as amateurs. It aims at propagating artistic photography, creating new visions of the town through producing its photo - documentation, raising issues related to cities and its residents in quite a new and unconventional way.

The Biennial, which has been organised since 2000, is by all means one of the highly prestigious cultural events hosted by the Museum of Crafts in Krosno. The forthcoming millennium, which at the same time ends the first thousand years of Krosno history, has became the inspiration for the organisers to capture so rapidly changing image of the modern town. We have started with our home town, as the first three editions were devoted to Krosno. However, such great was interest in the competition that we have decided to extend the range of themes on any other cities, selected by the photographers themselves.

Thus, we encourage you to capture a picture of your town using a camera lens, which is able to notice oftentimes these minute and unnoticed by us details and by so doing, as if, makes a transfer of the past and present into the future...

Polish Photo Biennial /OBF/ - only Polish edition