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International Fine Arts Competition for Children and Youth 'My adventure in a museum'

All Polish Fine Arts Competitions for Children and Youths My adventure in a museum has been held since 1978 by the District Museum in Toruń in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of National Education.The competition has been known as international since 2007.

The Museum of Crafts in Krosno has been organising the local edition of the competition since 1993, which means almost from its beginning. The local jury assesses the works, awards prizes and distinctions, as well as qualifies the best entries for the international stage of the competition, which usually takes place at the beginning of July. Jury awards prizes and distinctions and selects works that are displayed on the international exhibition. Additionally, the jury rewards tutors for collaboration with children and youths in the field of arts and crafts. The winners and the tutors are awarded prizes during the grand opening of the post - competition exhibition that takes place in the middle of September.

The competition aims at broadening children's knowledge of various kinds of museum exhibits, their origins, character as well as scientific, historical and artistic value. It is also designed to shape appropriate aesthetic taste and develop artistic abilities of children. The competition is open to children and youths as part of their regular education or as kind of additional activities. The participants may focus on various museums, such as: museum of art, history, archeology, ethnographic, natural history, technology, craft or any local or district museum /with the exception of martyrological/ that a child has visited.

The competition rules are available in Polish.

Winners' Gallery 2011
Winners' Gallery 2010
Winners' Gallery 2009
Winners' Gallery 2008