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The Old Town of Krosno Young Enthusiasts' Association

The Old Town of Krosno Young Enthusiasts' Association is an organisation that operates within the framework of the Old Towns Young Enthusiasts' Guild, an all - Polish association of students who are interested in history and monuments of their home towns.
The organisation operates in Poland; however there are many historic cities abroad that are within the scope of its interest. The association has its headquarters in the H. Jordan Youth Center in Kraków. The Guild has been functioning incessantly for more than 30 years. The mission of the organisation is to popularise knowledge of history and monuments of the towns among their young residents and to promote the cities. The general terms and conditions for functioning and structure of the association are defined by the rules.

All the activities carried out by the Old Town of Krosno Young Enthusiasts' Association follow the annual plan worked out in accordance to the mission of the Guild. Meetings take place every two months in the Museum of Cafts in Krosno, which is the registered office of the association. The mission of the organisation is realised, inter alia, through:

Enrolment in the Old Town of Krosno Enthusiasts' Association takes place in the Museum of Crafts in Krosno. If you wish to be admitted as member of the association, please fill in the declaration.

The rules and the declaration form are available in Polish.

For more info please visit: www.bractwo.bystrzyca.pl