Piwnica PodCieniami
Punkt Informacji Kulturalno-Turystycznej
Międzynarodowe Biennale Artystycznej Tkaniny Lnianej
Ogólnopolskie Biennale Fotografii
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Permanent exhibition (main building - Piłsudskiego Street, 19):

Temporary exhibitions (The Piwnica PodCieniami Gallery, Rynek Street, 5):

The Belfry, Piłsudskiego Street, 5:
COMBINED TICKETS to the Belfry and the Museum of Crafts: VAT is included in the price.

Last entry - 30 minutes before exhibitions close.
Reservation for groups must be made in advance.
Please call: +48 13 432 41 88

Concession tickets available, after showing relevant documents, for:
  1. Primary and secondary school students, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.
  2. Senior citizens and pensioners, invalids as well as disabled people accompanied by carers.
  3. PTTK guides.
  4. Teachers.

Free admission, after showing relevant documents, for:
  1. People awarded the Order of White Eagle or Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland; people awarded the title Meritorious for Polish Culture or Distinguished Services to Polish Culture medal and also people Decorated for Monuments Protection.
  2. Museum employees registered in Państwowy Rejestr Muzeów.
  3. Members of International Council of Museums (ICOM) and International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMS).
  4. Craftsmen.
  5. Teachers serving as chaperones for groups (not more than 2 per group).
  6. People up to 7 years old and over 75 years old.